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  • The app tends to lag
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  • Photos are accessible to free users
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  • Your advanced search settings may not be saved
  • You can get in touch with other users for free through the "Send Interest" button.
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  • Important features such as messaging are free to use
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Which gym membership you want to cancel?

dated brazilian womensYou can use your gym subscription is not more, or want to change? here you will learn how to cancel your subscription final.

With the templates for the termination of your gym contract, the end of the contract to the children. just the personal data, enter the member number, not to forget, it is needed in almost all gyms for the notice! depending on the gym, the notice may be submitted by e-mail, fax or letter. if you decide to send it by post, we advise to take registered mail with return receipt so you can prove your termination. if you are unsure or not so much time, helping you, the consumer portal aboalarm in the notice of termination. here you can cancel directly online and aboalarm sends you a proof of shipment. for the majority of the cancellations are sent via aboalarm, speaks aboalarm even a termination guarantee for the right to safe termination, without cost.


When i have a special right of termination?

dated brazilian womensYou are in the middle of the term of your gym contract and can no longer train because you moved away, pregnant or a disease, respectively, injury? we explain when you can make use of your special right to use and what are the alternatives are not worth the effort, if one uses extraordinary termination.

in the current judgment of the federal court of justice (bgh) from the 4. may 2016, the judges declared that a move, whether for personal or professional motives, there is no reason for the claim to the special notice of termination right. in the case of long-term contracts, the risk would be to the customer, so the judges of the supreme court. if you need to switch for professional reasons more often the place of residence, or flexible want to stay, we recommend to conclude a contract with a shorter maturity, so that no problems arise. nevertheless, you can hope some of the studios on their goodwill. you are looking for the best in the terms and conditions of your studio, whether it is governed by extraordinary termination due to a relocation, separately, or ask the contact person at your gym. if you decide to write a notice with a special right of termination in detail, why you now no longer possible to visit the studio and enclose a registration certificate. in the case of chains, you should also make sure whether your new place of residence might also be a branch exists. then sink your chances to come out of the contract to zero.

for the special right of termination in the case of pregnancy, there are not a generally valid rule. some studios, however, have already a specific clause in the terms and conditions, which deals with the termination of pregnancy. we advise you, therefore, at best even before the completion of the gym contract, the general terms and conditions of such a clause to look through. if your gym has no such clause is included, you can use one for your personal contract you create. if you have no “pregnancy clause”, you should seek legal advice. also, the consumer centres offer help. otherwise, it is of course also possible to let the contract for a certain period of time shut down. if you want to continue the training after the pregnancy, a real alternative!

in the case of diseases and injuries, the situation looks better. the a special right of termination is acknowledged by the supreme court in a landmark judgment of 2012. the studios have the right to terminate, in particular, their reason, – so, the disease, to check its veracity. therefore, we recommend to describe in the special notice, the reasons for this as detailed as possible and above all to explain the extent of your disease, respectively, violation of the further training prevents. of course, you also need a certificate showing that you are permanently ill and will not be allowed to train.

Time limit and form of the gym-termination

For the notice period, there is a legal regulation, according to which the term must not be longer than three months. if you submit your notice of termination before the three-month limit, nothing can happen to them and they are always right on time. to miss deadlines means that the contract is extended, depending on the provider and contract terms and conditions. the fitness studio you can cancel in writing. what is allowed in your gym carefully, can be found in your contract, because it differs from studio to studio. it is safest, however, the notice of cancellation by fax to communicate with the transmission protocol or send a letter by certified mail with return receipt. for all forms, the above termination can be used in template.

Termination conditions of the big providers

Already now you should be ready to get your gym contract, even with the help of the template terminate. we have singled out for you again now, four large chains, and will show you the relevant terms and conditions, and explain how this gym can terminate.

the term of the mcfit contract is 12 months. four weeks before the end of the term, you must cancel your contract, otherwise it shall be extended automatically for a further six months. at mcfit, it is possible to let his contract still set to. here, too, the terms and conditions to clarify exactly: a maximum of nine months in the year, you can have your contract, shut down. at least three working days before the closure must be logged in. the term of the contract will be extended after the set aside time. the mcfit fitness studio, you can terminate optional in writing, by fax or by e-mail. it is important that you have your member number with your order! simply fill in the pattern for the gym-notice of termination and send it to you desired path. the address is mcfit, tannberg 4, in 96132 schlüsselfeld. if you need help, or the termination process is something you want to speed up, attack you, the consumer portal aboalarm like under the arms. here you can submit your resignation directly online and get from aboalarm a transmission log as a record of the termination.

The mcfit letter of termination

Fitness first
this gym chain is expressed in their terms and conditions, it is not clear what is the scope of the minimum term is here. however, is spoken on the website of fitness first 12 months, but supposedly there would also be a shorter run-times. here you need to pay attention when signing the contract and that the term of the contract that you want. if you want to cancel the gym, to beat your duration in the contract documents. before the end of the minimum term, the notice period is at fitness first a month. you do not meet this deadline, the contract is automatically extended for an indefinite period of time. here the notice period is then three months! also, the gym-chain breaks of the treaty, if these persist for at least four weeks.
the fitness studio, you need to terminate here in writing. fill out is best, therefore, the template for the notice and send it, signed, to the fitness first germany gmbh, hanauer landstraße 148 a in 60314 frankfurt, germany.

Kieser training
kieser training has unfortunately published no terms and conditions. here are the terms of the contract can vary from contract to contract. we asked, therefore, for you in munich at kieser training. nevertheless, you must look at your personal contract, in order to make sure that you have no agreements with kieser training. we were told that the duration of the contract 12 or 24 months and the notice period is two months. this time limit is missed, the contract is renewed for a period of 12 months. terminated the contract with kieser training by letter, fax and e-mail can be. the address is kieser training gmbh, schanz straße 39/d15, in 51063 cologne, germany.

Clever fit
also clever fit has not released terms and conditions. some questions will be answered here in the faq. the smart fit contract has a minimum term of 12 months. shorten the contract does not, according to the faq in the rule. a quiet place in the fitness studio-contract is possible, if you can prove your reason for the prevention of the exercise. a certificate or similar is to say, depending on the reason – able to present. the contract will be extended here, too, after the closure of this time. the period of notice you must refer to at clever fit, to your contract papers. we advise the notice in writing, to the best of us provided template, signed and filled out in your gym with a three-month notice period to give. then you are on the safe side.

Author: elena petznik

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