Do Celebrities Influence a Teen’s Eating Habits?

Many teen celebrities are trying their very best to achieve either a size 0 or a size 0 body. They feel and think that having a slimmer figure equals more projects for them.
But, does size really matter? Are teenage fans trying hard to become like their celebrity idols? Do celebrities really have the power to influence people, especially teenagers?

For the longest time, many parents blame teen idols for influencing the way their kids act or behave. Have you noticed how teens idolized the celebrities these days? Even, their personal affairs are being followed by kids these days. Take for example the case of Lindsay Lohan or Mary Kate Ashley. They are definitely famous teen stars. But, since they are trying to project an image to satisfy a lot of people in show business, their health and body suffer. Many kids are aware of this problem. But, because of peer pressure and trying to be in, they are easily influenced by these celebrities to exercise excessively, eat less, and do binge eating and throwing up afterwards.

It is a fact that the media, especially famous teen celebrities, are powerful individuals to influenced people. But, teenagers are easily influenced because teenage years are the period where our personality and identity developments take place. Teens watching TV shows and reading magazines are easily pulled into the dieting and harmful eating habits because the media has some ways to pull these acts. They have the capacity to use thin models and celebrities to endorse products or to star in an up-and-coming shows or movies.
With stiff competition, celebrities are force to do harsh diet regimens and excessive exercise routines to get the roles or offers that come their way.

To combat numerous stressed and difficult challenges that they have to face in school or even in the entire community, teens find refuge in following what their teen idols are doing in real life. Since, these teen stars are role models to kids, and even their not-so good attitude or personality are being followed. Kids are sometimes naive of the things around them. I, for one, don’t exactly know what things to follow. Even if it’s just a role or a TV show, sometimes I tend to follow the trends. It is good if what’s being portrayed in the movies or shows are pleasant and acceptable. But, if those roles or actions are character damaging, then parents need to confront or put a stop on such acts.

Living in today’s time and generation is a bit disturbing to a lot of parents. Media, especially the celebrities, have a very powerful influence to drive teenagers to good or bad. It’s good if we can control ourselves to avoid bad things from happening. If not, parents should really be aware and guide us to determine what’s in and what’s out.

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