Hair Extensions Aren’t Just For The Rich And Famous!

We’ve all seen our favourite celebrities sporting long luscious locks on the red carpet but not many of us realise that they have had a little helping hand in the form of hair extensions. Gone are the days when hair extensions looked fake, trashy and had the potential to pull your hair out. Now the hair industry has made way for a whole new era of hair extensions. These extensions look and feel completely natural, can be matched to your own hair colour perfectly and put your hair and scalp in no danger of damage at all.

Nowadays, there is barely a celebrity out there that hasn’t dabbled in hair extensions as a way of giving them the extra length and volume that they so desperately crave. If you’ve ever wondered how a star went from a short bob to a long flowing style literally over night then hair extensions is your answer. And if hair extensions are good enough for the rich and famous, then they are good enough for you and me!

In fact in recent years, hair extensions have dramatically increased in populations with many people experimenting with different techniques, colours and textures in a bid to revamp their style. Hair extensions are a great way of changing your look; you can lengthen your hair, add volume and even experiment with your colour!

There are lots of different application methods out there and many different types of hair extensions to choose from but the most popular variation is bonded extensions. These tend to be the most durable and look the most natural and this is why so many people choose them to lengthen their hair. However, this does tend to mean that they are more expensive than other alternatives.

Once you have had your extensions fitted at a salon, it is then very important to make sure you follow the stylist’s aftercare advice in order to get the most out of them. With hair extensions, the better you look after them the longer they will last so it really is in your interest to get your moneys worth.

Looking after your hair extensions needn’t be a chore. All you need to do is follow a few simple guidelines and you can enjoy your hair extensions for many months to come. Firstly, wait at least 48 hours after having the extensions fitted to wash your hair. Any sooner than this and you run the risk of weakening the bonds and losing your extensions.

When the 48 hour period is up, you can then wash your hair as you would do normally. Be careful to brush your hair before washing to remove tangles. Always stick to the products recommended by your stylist as these will prolong the life of your extensions. Avoid piling all your hair on top of your head when washing it as this will only encourage tangles which can be hard to remove. Make sure you are always rinsing your hair thoroughly as any build up of serum or conditioner may cause the bonds to slip.

Hair extensions require a lot of conditioning but when using the product make sure you do not get it anywhere near the bonds as this can make them weak. Try and deep condition your hair on a regular basis as this will keep the end moisturised and prevent split ends. Remember you extensions are susceptible to damage in just the same way as your own hair is so make sure you take it easy on them!

On a regular basis you need to separate the bonds as hair that has shed can get trapped in the bonds and cause matting. Matting is when several bonds knot together and create a dreadlock effect- not a good look and virtually impossible to detangle!

When it comes to drying and styling your extensions you can do this in pretty much the same way as you did with your own hair. However, take care not to blast the bonds with too much hot heat as this can cause the bonds to melt. Don’t get too close to the bond with the straighteners either as this can cause problems. You can also use curling tongs and heated rollers on your hair as long as you are careful to avoid the bond area.

When sleeping it is advisable to tie the hair into a lose ponytail or plait to avoid tangles and make sure you brush your hair at least twice a day.

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