Motorola to Increase Its Success?

The recent Quarter 1 result of Motorola company leave no doubt that the company will succeed. The company was able not to only get some beneficial increase in the form of the money but also an opportunity to receive much more attention from the customers. The company proved the fact that it can compete with such powerful companies as the American Apple, Canadian Research in Motion and Finnish Nokia.

The company is now planning to produce around 20 newer models, this means that the variety range for the company’s customers will increase rapidly. Now the customers can not only concentrate on the fact of the e.g. Android operating system but rather on the functionality and the design of the devices based on the Android OS.

As if to believe the rumors, they even say that Motorola is planning to make its own operating system. So far none of this rumors were denied or accepted but as far as we guess, this means that this might be the exact thing that Motorola might need to receive much more attention for.

Now let’s discuss the Forbes forecast analysis for Motorola phones. The experts are much more optimistic than the company itself. The thing is that the experts predict that soon Motorola will receive much larger share in the market and will be able to receive lots of monetary benefits out of the business.

Another good point is made upon the list of smartphone that the company is going to produce. Here the idea of the experts are the same as our own analysis.

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