Secret revocation – what is it and what should I do

Secret Withdrawal.

Yes, you can withdraw your order within 14 days of your contract. We explain to you what to do and how much you will be refunded get!

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Revocation – What is it ?

Each of the contractual relationship, irrespective of where you purchase it, includes a right of withdrawal for you.

This means that you within fourteen days after the conclusion of the contract, without stating reasons, revoke the contract can. You’ve made it to this point in time, use of paid services, you must refund the same proportion. You will be granted a value set .

Cancellation vs. termination.

A withdrawal with return of the goods is only possible within 14 days. Do you exceed this period, you can terminate an existing contract only. In the case of cancellation the dealer / service provider is obliged to you any credit balance or money in kind, in proportion to refund. A notice of termination, however, a refund excludes. Secret revocation - what is it and what should I do Here is an example
If you are in Secret to quit you agree that the residual credit is deleted .

While you write the Revocation within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract submit to, is the letter of termination only for the prescribed period of notice is due. You can, of course, immediately after the conclusion of the contract, terminate your contract runs until the end of the term, without hindrance. The periods of notice you can find out in the terms and conditions, they vary from company to company. The right of withdrawal is, however, in the case of all service providers. Secret revocation - what is it and what should I do what to
Whether Parship, Secret, or your phone provider, your 14-day right of withdrawal you always .

Why the provider is revoked?

Many men log in with outstanding expectations in Secret, however, is not willing to do anything for your happiness. There are no messages to be written, but on the happiness of waiting. Dissatisfaction often leads to withdrawal of the provider, and also sometimes the cause for the dissatisfaction of one’s own Person.

Maybe you’re lucky and meet within ten days and is the perfect Partner for your adventure. A further use of the Secret that you can use then in mind, and you can revoke it. In principle, it is not required the Secret to, if you don’t have a high credit balances. As you complete this provider does not use the term membership, you can let your Account rest if you use it again later want to.

The revocation is only to be recommended if you wish to no longer continue as a registered user of . In the case you need to comply with the 14-day period necessarily .

How I call correctly?

To call to cons, you have to send a free letter of Cancellation to the company to send, which must contain your complete data. Secret revocation - what is it and what should I do well to you is
Here is an example:

“Dear Secret Team”,

I hereby cancel my contract, I’ve completed on XX / XX / xxxx with you period gerechet. My access data are: [email protected] my user name is: xxx.

Please confirm the cancellation in writing.

Contact details for the revocation of.

FriendScout24 GmbH (Secret)

Weihenstephaner Str. 7.

Revocation by E-Mail: [email protected] cancellation by Fax: 089/125012 – 941.

Will I get back all my money ?

Whether you get your complete money back, depends on your usage behavior before the revocation. If you have already taken the paid services of Secret, it is granted to you only in proportion to the value. This means that you have used the Services will be charged .


You Secret a credit balance of 500 Credits and have already been used within a period of ten days, the half of it. Now you decide for a cancellation and ask for for the value. This is granted to you in accordance with the contract Secret, however, the already-used services will be charged. You’ve consumed half your Credits, you will be refunded half of your money .

Refund check promptly .

If you have received a booking from the Secret, check the height and do the math for you, whether you can understand the value. In the event of discrepancies or dissatisfaction, let you Secret explain how the amount of compensation came to be. You should not agree, you have the possibility to Lodge an appeal. The practice has shown, however, that Secret practiced a fair dealing with the topic of revocation and value .

You should be aware of the revocation .

Revocation must be on time all the contract keep data must be written confirmation is required for cancellation only via Mail, E-Mail or Fax proof of timely withdrawal .

Timely input is important.

If you withdraw your contract like, this must happen within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract. Exceeding the time limit means the exclusion from the right of withdrawal. You can then only terminate the contract but not revoked.

Complete Withdrawal.

If you write your Cancellation by Post, Fax or E-Mail to Secret submit, must be specified all the relevant data. This includes your user name, and your E-mail address with which you signed up for Secret you belong to .

Leave it to you in writing, give.

In your cancellation letter, you should ask for written confirmation. If the improbable happens and the Secret would like to make at a later date claims to you that are covered by the withdrawal, do you have a document in Hand that gives you security.

Secret revocation - what is it and what should I do granted to

Keep the written confirmation well to you is your proof for the withdrawal.

Experience with the withdrawal.

According to our experience, makes Secret no difficulties in withdrawal, and gives its customers this right without hesitation. Refunds will be fairly and transparently calculated, in the terms and conditions of all the relevant factors are listed in addition to this topic .

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