What are ukranian women like

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Police starts in the fall katrin konert zero

what are ukranian women likeThis subject in the program:

Misleading, for loans with zero percent interest

what are ukranian women likeThis subject in the program:

Braunschweig zero hour on the 12. april 1945

what are ukranian women likeThis subject in the program:

Garden show: satisfied with black zero

what are ukranian women likeThis subject in the program:

Commentary: the courageous passengers of flight zero-one

what are ukranian women likeThis subject in the program:


Waiting for the zero hour

World time / archive | contribution from 12.06.2006

what are ukranian women like

Subscribe before the elections in the congo

By sandra van edig


a UN soldier in the Congo (AP)

About 25 million of congo on 30. july called on to decide on a new president, for the first time in 40 years, in free elections. the security in the vast country with its 53.000 choice of local troops there for a long time stationed un soldiers and guarantee that wants to send the eu. for months, everywhere will be advertised in the congo for participation in the elections, the resonance in the population is large.

Another theme: advertising with the black stars – football in the pattern country of ghanaby jan tussing


From one hundred to zero

Aftermath / archive | contribution from 01.01.2010

what are ukranian women like

Life in accordance with the high-performance sports

Gerd michalek

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Perhaps without historical precedent – the marathon (AP archive)

Top sportsman trim muscles, heart and joints over the years at peak performance. if the sport ends in a career and the job begins, movement is mostly beside the point. but it would be unhealthy, all of the sports activities to zero.

Without the physical stress of the high-performance body plays fast crazy. and in the case of endurance athletes it’s easy to heart-rhythm disturbances. physicians, therefore, advise the organism over a longer period of time to “untrain”. but how does this work?

Manuscript for the shipment as pdf document or in the barrier-free text format

Post – war literature, such as books, the end of the war, survived

what are ukranian women likeChristian adam in conversation with joachim scholl

Christian Adam, author of the book “The dream of year Zero: authors, bestsellers, reader: The rearrangement of the books of the world into East and West after 1945,” in the Park in front of the radio from Germany radio culture. (Germany radio / Cornelia Sachse)

In 1945, was not for the german book market is a turning point, a “zero hour” but it was. christian adams records in his book, “the dream of year zero”, the breaks and continuities.

The “zero hour” was scientifically proven to be long resisted, said the german christian adam, in the germany radio culture about the end of the war in 1945. nevertheless, this image is still very powerful effect.  all have had this dream, said adam, at the centre for military history and social sciences of the bundeswehr in potsdam works. “i think that was also on the individual level, an important moment, to say: we’ll start new.”

Dublin, schengen, and the plug

what are ukranian women likeGermany, it seems, is a vacuum cleaner. undaunted, he sucks in crowds of people from the levant, about the so-called balkan route through the ravaged hungary and the brave of austria in. greedy search always new “work slaves”, driven by the mysterious forces of the german “big business” operates, it is almost the depopulation of the world. zighundert thousands want to devastate germany in the realization of his great plan to clamping, by means of its foreign trade surplus in the world, once and for all. germany no longer ruled as a resistive but as a friendly grinning hegemon, willing to europe (and the world?) his dictation of human kindness to throw. so it’s no wonder that the european partners are groaning under the yoke of an overbearing grin monster! yes, there’s more: the germans, of whom was rumoured to have once they’d solve the case of a revolution, as well as a train ticket, stomp on the common european “rules”, by luring all the loaded of the world in their “hippie state”, regardless of the resulting collateral damage on the way through the territories of other union states, of course. the international reception of the german refugee crisis of politics – as probably the most of any german crisis management policy – ambivalent, to say the least, if you enjoyed part of the time with greatly reduced seriousness degree is delivered. the internal perspective is hardly more encouraging. of the bavarian free state feels not only federal abandoned, but literally overwhelmed by the consequences of ecstatic welcome gestures of a uncontrollably waving chancellor. this wants to see the world in the asylum with friends, but it will soon be no more, at least not in this country. the mood seems to be tilting. the reinhard müller refers, in the light of recent refugee policy decisions by the federal government on the lisbon case-law of the constitutional court, which prohibits the resolution of the heads of state and asks kess, whether the german constitutional bodies were entitled to raise the state order “off the hinges”. and in the local blog (here, here, here, and here) rages on a “cosmopolitanism/kosmopolitik”debate.

Displays a sober observation: the criticism of germany is essentially false. even if it might not like some of the european countries; in contrast to them, germany holds the union’s legal requirements in terms of the dublin procedure and the schengen acquis. anyone who thinks that people who take tremendous hardships, and even ready their lives to risk, need to wait and see the wink of the chancellor, to make a life-changing decision, underestimated the migration dynamics tremendously.

All year: the monetary policy of the ecb before the court

what are ukranian women likeNot only the background noise of the brexits a piece absorbed far the attention for the judgment of the european court of justice (ecj) on the admissibility of the bonds program of the ecb buying. after all, luxembourg ruled over one of the still rare templates from karlsruhe. this may also have contributed, since the opinion of advocate general wathelet is no longer that of the ecj, the european central bank (ecb) would make a proverbial spanner in the works. nevertheless, the judgment for a number of reasons is remarkable.

Germany v italy: zero to null

what are ukranian women likeThe court irons out of the italian objection to the admissibility of the submission of the question out of hand. this corresponds first of all to the established case-law. you could read it, but also that of the ecj, the italian attempt to position itself as a currency and constitution, the political antipode of germany, issued a rejection. the italian government suspected behind the template, the attempt to collect the basic law as a yardstick for the legality of policy measures.

Whether or not the charge is authorized, you may be in doubt. because, after all, the federal constitutional court (bverfg) suggested in his review, both in the justification as well as in the tone of a new chapter. it resisted the attempt, the luxembourg interpretation of the european treaties and addressed instead in a concentrated and detailed with the luxembourg case-law, one might follow him in his remarks or not.

The ecj responds to this offer of dialogue, and not to the (other) scene of the german-italian discussions of the economic and monetary union, or to the water carrier of the italian position. this is almost a necessity, to maintain the court, its authority as the guardian of european law, and it’s a wise strategy to turn to the right from the mediterranean to the antidote of intra-european polarizations.

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