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Trusted shops members save 3 month packages for the sales platform hitmeister – trusted shops news for shop owners

women seeking men in RockvilleHitmeister offers online traders, whose shop has been awarded the trusted shops seal of approval,  special conditions for the registration for the online marketplace. hitmeister, with over 1,25 million visitors a month and over 20 million items offered one of the largest fixed-price marketplaces in germany. the action is limited until 30.09.2010.

What award do at the incorrect price in the online shop?

17.03.2017 14:00
 by madeleine winter

It’s just a verrutschtes comma, but suddenly, the tv costs only one-tenth. such an error you have time to run? again and again, traders are asking online, as you are on orders with the wrong excellent prices react. we have therefore summarized the most important facts and clarify the question: you need to deliver the goods to the wrong price?

Already got a contract?

women seeking men in RockvilleIn online trading the principle of the freedom of contract is valid, i.e. it is up to you whether and with whom you want to conclude a contract. no contract is concluded, you can reject the order for the associated offer.

When a contract depends on the conclusion of the contract provision in your terms and conditions – however, there is scope, depending on the payment method barely. this has, in particular, in the case of the payment means of immediate payment (such as paypal or sofort banking). here, the contract is concluded by the initiation of the payment transaction.everything important about the topic of the conclusion of the contract you will find in this legal tip of the week.

“cancellation” of the order?

women seeking men in RockvilleOnce contracts are, in principle, to be observed, i.e. you can’t withdraw as a dealer, without further ado from the contract or cancel the order. the right of withdrawal is comparable to that of right is not available to online retailers.

Avoidance of the contract is possible?

women seeking men in RockvilleA contestation leads to a previously closed contract is to be regarded from the beginning as null and void.

According to § 119 abs. 1 bgb can challenge a statement of intent, who in the issuing of a declaration of its contents in error would be (content error) or a declaration to this effect at all does not give (declaration error), if not, it is likely that he made them with knowledge of the facts and upon a reasonable assessment of the case  wanted was. a mistake in motive (motive fallacy), such as incorrect price calculation is not entitled to rescission.

Will be displayed in a shop so the wrong prices, because these have been entered by you or a staff or a technical error, so you can challenge an already closed contract. however, you must be able to prove this in the case of doubt, i.e. you have to prove (and in case of doubt, before the court to explain), that the error is actually happening during the explanation of action, so the input of the price, (ag, bremen, judgment v. 05.12.2012, 23 c 0317/12).

Examples: a challenge to justifying a mistake has been approximately adopted in the case of a formula change in the software by the provider, which resulted, ultimately, in the originally correctly recorded amounts, the decimal point after the front has moved (olg frankfurt a. m., judgment v. 20.11.2002, 9 u 94/02). already in 2005, the supreme court allowed the rescission of a purchase contract due to a transmission error in the product database, with the result that the purchase price was less than one-tenth of the original amount (bgh, urteil v. 26.01.2005, viii zr 79/04). even if an expensive smartphone to accidentally buy instead of an auction for a–price of 1 euro is set, it is assumed that a declaration mistake of the trader (ag, bremen, judgment v. 25.05.2007, 9 c 142/07; lg köln, urteil v. 30.11.2010, 18 o 150/10 to a hot tub).

The new consumer law: here you will find everything you need to know! – trusted shops news for shop owners

women seeking men in RockvilleThe implementation of the european consumer rights directive is in accordance with the distance selling act of 2000, one of the largest reform works for online retailers. in order for a shop owner to keep the optimum overview of the new rights and obligations, the from 13. june 2014 point zero at enter into force, have created our legal experts a variety of valuable practice aids that are available for download: 5 white paper, 12 podcast episodes, weekly webinars to answer your questions.

These white papers are available

women seeking men in RockvilleOrder cancellation for deliveries of goods: the biggest transition in the framework of the new consumer law relates to the right of withdrawal. so need to be adjusted in the shop again all the teachings. on the details to the right of cancellation for deliveries of goods, we in this paper.

Lapse of the withdrawal right in the case of services: even after the entry into force of the act implementing the consumer rights directive on 13. june 2014, can be brought, the right of withdrawal in the case of services before the expiry of the cancellation period to expire. however, other conditions apply as under the previous law.

Right of withdrawal for digital content: the largest conversion to 13. june will concern the right of withdrawal. for the first time, the right of withdrawal is regulated in relation to digital content not supplied on a physical data carrier (e.g., downloads or e-books). to these new provisions, the right of withdrawal, we go in this white paper.

Obligations to provide information in the online shop: in addition to the provisions about the right of withdrawal and information duties have been reformed for online retailers, which have to be fulfilled in a shop. this paper deals with the information obligations and their fulfillment in the online store.

Restitution after the withdrawal: also, the rules on restitution after a withdrawal has been reformed. so there are changes in the repayment terms, the value of compensation and the refund arrangements. all of these innovations, we want to inform you with this paper.

Use our white paper, to be optimally adapted to the new consumer law to prepare for the 13. june 2014 for you to friday the 13th. is.


Southwest germany, zero hour, thies – daak

Price: 10 €

women seeking men in Rockville

southwest Germany, Zero hour, the story of The French zone of occupation, 1945-1948 Thies – Daak image Text Band 148 pages Good animal will receive free non-Smoking household

Shipping + 4,-€

The valuation-informed about positive or negative experiences with the provider. Members can be awarded ratings of “Excellent” to “Disappointed”, moreover, the values of activity level, but also violations automatically. More Details about the assessment here.

fleets of the 2. World war II, Antony Preston

7 €

fleets of the 2. World war II, Antony Preston, history of the FlottenÜber 300 photos, 26 maps, 50 color Illustrationen222 Page, dust jacket damaged, unfortunately, something.Clean interior.


The British in Schleswig-Holstein 1945-1949

10 €

The British in Schleswig-Holstein 1945-1949 Kurt Jürgensen With photographs by Gerhard Garms wax wood publishing in 1989, 167 pages, Good condition pet free non-Smoking household

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International dialing codes list for international dialling codes

women seeking men in Rockville Who want to call abroad, you must first know the appropriate area code. (Just

Click to enlarge) who doesn’t know this – the phone rings and an unfamiliar number with a unknown prefix calls. or you want to for the holidays on call international, does not know the appropriate country code, but. also, advertisers of classifieds may occasionally be asked from the foreign to recall. to contact interested parties from abroad by telephone, is the knowledge of a corresponding country code necessary. a country code or international prefix denotes a certain sequence of numbers, one for international calls to the national telephone area code and the phone number of the recipient’s progress.

This guide, we inform, such as the international area codes together and operating system it for the primaries around the world. we also have a detailed list of all the primaries of the countries in the world. an alphabetical list you will find pdf – here you can get the country code for the looking for the country even easier to locate.

The composition of prefix numbers

women seeking men in RockvilleA international phone code and international code consists of a so-called transport, excretion digit (for eu countries in general, the “00”, characterized, therefore, often also commonly referred to as a preceding”+”), as well as a country code, which is designed depending on the country individually. these key performance indicators are set for each country from the international telecommunication union. especially phone companies, they need to be distinguished from the output power to the input power. finally, you need to know, whether in your own country or another is on the phone. the country code “49” corresponds to, for example, the country code germany. of the two parts area code for germany as an international phone, the “0049”.

Here you will find the country codes from A-Z. Simply click and download.

Call from a non-eu-country

But beware: if you want to make calls from a non-eu country to germany, you must choose an other modes of excretion point as the “00”. in the united states or canada, you need, for example, the “011” in cuba, “119”, in australia, the “0011” and in lithuania, georgia or belarus, the “810”. for a phone call from cuba you should choose “11949”, and then the desired phone number.

Proper use of the country code

On the selected country code is followed by the corresponding national code – but without the leading zero, which indicates this characteristic. the city of düsseldorf is assigned to, for example, the national prefix “0211”. is called outside of germany, in düsseldorf, selects you as a result, the “0049221”. the phone number of the desired conversational partner finally. geographically, abroad can be primaries in all of the following nine zones divide.

Table of contents – country codes

Zone 1 (parts of north america)

women seeking men in Rockville country codes to quickly and easily find – we can help.

Unlike in other parts of the world, here is a north american numbering plan, based on the common prefix +1.

North american countries are summarized in the nanp (north american numbering plan) and have the shared country code +1. numbers within in the nanp will start with a three-digit regional area code (area code, numbering plan area, npa). the big country are divided into multiple npas. very small country can be exploited by a single npa. the following prefixes are no country codes, but selected regional primaries within the nanp.

Please note: x x to be used depending on the area of the other numbers: = 0-9.

+1 XXX United States and its territories
+1 XXX Canada
+1 242 Bahamas, the
+1 246 Barbados
+1 264 Anguilla
+1 268 Antigua and Barbuda
+1 284 British virgin Islands
+1 340 virgin Islands
+1 345 Cayman Islands
+1 441 Bermuda
+1 473 Grenada
+1 649 Turks and Caicos Islands
+1 664 Montserrat
+1 670 Northern Mariana Islands
+1 671 Guam
+1 684 American Samoa
+1 721 Sint Maarten (formerly +599)
+1 758 St. Lucia
+1 767 Dominica
+1 784 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
+1 787 Puerto Rico (p +1 939)
+1 808 midway Islands
+1 809 Dominican Republic (p. +1 829)
+1 829 Dominican Republic (p. +1 809)
+1 868 Trinidad and Tobago
+1 869 St. Kitts and Nevis
+1 876 Jamaica
+1 939 Puerto Rico (p. +1 787)

Zone 2 (africa, atlantic islands and islands in the indian ocean)

women seeking men in Rockville(see valid numbers) (see valid numbers)

+20 Egypt
+210 (see valid numbers)
+211 South Sudan
+212 Morocco
+213 Algeria
+215 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+216 Tunisia
+217 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+218 Libya
+219 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+220 the Gambia
+221 Senegal,
+222 Mauritania
+223 Mali
+224 Guinea
+225 Côte d’ivoire (ivory coast)
+226 Burkina Faso (upper Volta)
+227 Niger
+228 Togo
+229 Benin
+230 Mauritius
+231 Liberia
+232 Sierra Leone
+233 Ghana
+234 Nigeria
+235 Chad
+236 Central African Republic
+237 Cameroon
+238 Cape Verde
+239 São Tomé and Príncipe
+240 Equatorial Guinea
+241 Gabon
+242 Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville)
+243 democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa, former Zaire)
+244 Angola
+245 Guinea-Bissau
+246 Chagos archipelago (Diego-Garcia)
+247 Ascension
+248 Seychelles
+249 Sudan and, temporarily, South Sudan
+250 Rwanda
+251 Ethiopia
+252 Somalia
+253 Djibouti
+254 Kenya
+255 Tanzania
+256 Uganda
+257 Burundi
+258 Mozambique
+260 Zambia
+261 Madagascar
+262 French territories in the Indian ocean, among other things, Réunion and Mayotte
+263 Zimbabwe
+264 Namibia
+265 Malawi
+266 Lesotho
+267 Botswana
+268 Swaziland
+269 Comoros
+27 South Africa
+290 St. Helena and Tristan da Cunha
+291 Eritrea
+292 not awarded
+293 not awarded
+294 no
+295 (see valid numbers)
+296 not awarded
+297 Aruba
+298 Faroe Islands
+299 Greenland

Zone 3 (parts of europe)

women seeking men in Rockville

+30 Greece
+31 Netherlands
+32 Belgium
+33 France (excluding overseas territories)
+34 Spain
+350 Gibraltar
+351 Portugal
+352 Luxembourg
+353 Ireland
+354 Iceland
+355 Albania
+356 Malta
+357 Cyprus
+358 Finland
+359 Bulgaria
+36 Hungary
+370 Lithuania
+371 Latvia
+372 Estonia
+373 Moldova
+374 Armenia
+375 Belarus
+376 Andorra
+377 Monaco
+378 San Marino
+379 Vatican city
+380 Ukraine
+381 Serbia
+382 Montenegro
+383 Kosovo
+384 not awarded
+385 Croatia
+386 Slovenia
+387 Bosnia and Herzegovina
+388 from several countries shared number space (reserved as yet, no valid allocations are known)
+3883 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+389 Macedonia
+39 Italy

Zone 4 (parts of europe)

women seeking men in Rockville+43

+40 Romania
+41 Switzerland
+420 Czech Republic
+421 Slovakia
+423 Liechtenstein
+424 no
+425 not
+426 awarded not awarded
+427 no
+428 awarded not awarded
+429 no
+44 United Kingdom (including Isle of Man and channel Islands)
+45 Denmark (without Faroe Islands +298 and Greenland, +299, p. Zone 2)
+46 Sweden
+47 Norway
+48 Poland
+49 Germany

Zone 5 (mexico, central america and south america)

women seeking men in Rockville

+500 Falkland Islands
+501 Belize
+502 Guatemala
+503 El Salvador
+504 Honduras
+505 Nicaragua
+506 Costa Rica
+507 Panama
+508 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
+509 Haiti
+51 Peru
+52 Mexico
+53 Cuba
+54 Argentina
+55 Brazil
+56 Chile
+57 Colombia
+58 Venezuela
+590 Guadeloupe
+591 Bolivia
+592 Guyana
+593 Ecuador
+594 French Guiana
+595 Paraguay
+596 Martinique
+597 Suriname
+598 Uruguay
+599 Bonaire, Curaçao, Sint Marteen, Saba and Sint Eustatius (formerly parts of the Netherlands Antilles)

Zone 6 (the south pacific and oceania)

women seeking men in Rockville(see valid numbers) +698

+60 Malaysia
+61 Australia (incl. Cocos Islands and Christmas island)
+62 Indonesia
+63 Philippines
+64 new Zealand
+65 Singapore
+66 Thailand
+670 Timor-Leste
+672 Australian external territories:, Norfolk island
+673 Brunei
+674 Nauru
+675 Papua new Guinea
+676 Tonga
+677 Solomon Islands
+678 Vanuatu
+679 Fiji
+680 Palau (Balau)
+681 Wallis and Futuna
+682 cook Islands
+683 Niue
+684 not assigned (see valid numbers)
+685 Samoa
+686 Kiribati, Gilbert Islands
+687 new Caledonia
+688 Tuvalu, Elliceinseln
+689 French Polynesia
+690 Tokelau
+691 Micronesia
+692 Marshall Islands
+693 no
+694 awarded not awarded
+695 no
+696 awarded not awarded
+697 no
not awarded
+699 no


Zone 7 (kazakhstan, russia, abkhazia, and south ossetia)

women seeking men in Rockville

+7 Abkhazia (area code: 840, mobile: 940)
+7 Kazakhstan (area codes: 7xx, mobile: 6xx)
+7 Russia (area codes: 30x, 34x, 35x, 38x, 39x, 40x, 42x, 47x-49x, 81x-87x, mobile: 9xx)
+7 South Ossetia (primaries: 9971, 9976, 99744, 995344; in a parallel way, Georgian prefixes)


Zone 8 (east asia and special numbers)

women seeking men in Rockville

+800 International Free-Phone-services
+801 not awarded
+802 not awarded
+803 no
+804 awarded not awarded
+805 not awarded
+806 no
+807 awarded not awarded
+808 no
+81 Japan
+82 Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
+83 not awarded
+84 Vietnam
+850 Korea, Democratic People’s Republic Of (North Korea)
+851 not awarded
+852 Hong Kong
+853 Macao
+854 not awarded
+855 Cambodia
+856 Laos
+857 not awarded
+858 no
+859 awarded not awarded
+86 people’s Republic of China
+870 Inmarsat Single Number Access (SNAC)
to +874
(see valid numbers)
+875 reserved for maritime mobile telephony
+876 reserved for maritime mobile telephony
+878 Personal numbers (Universal Personal Telecommunication (UPT) services) >+878 10 – VISIONng ENUM
+879 reserved for national mobile or maritime tasks
+880 Bangladesh
+881 Global mobile satellite system
+882 International networks
+883 International networks (iNum)
+884 not awarded
+885 not awarded
+886 Republic of China (Taiwan)
+887 not awarded
+888 OCHA for Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR)
+889 not awarded
+89x not awarded

Area 9 (west-, central – and south-asia, middle east)

women seeking men in Rockvilleup to 2007 help (Telecommunications for Disaster Relief TDR) reserved for use in the case of an international disaster, now at +888

+90 Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
+91 India
+92 Pakistan
+93 Afghanistan
+94 Sri Lanka
+95 Myanmar
+960 Maldives
+961 Lebanon
+962 Jordan
+963 Syria
+964 Iraq
+965 Kuwait
+966 Saudi Arabia
+967 Yemen
+968 Oman
+969 not assigned, formerly democratic Republic of Yemen (now +967 with Yemen)
+970 Palestinian territories
+971 United Arab Emirates
+972 Israel
+973 Bahrain
+974 Qatar
+975 Bhutan
+976 Mongolia
+977 Nepal
+979 International Premium Rate services
+98 Iran
+990 no
+forgive 991 International Telecommunications Public Correspondence Service Trials (ITPCS)
+992 Tajikistan
+993 Turkmenistan
+994 Azerbaijan
+995 Georgia (without Abkhazia)
+996 Kyrgyzstan
+997 not awarded
+998 Uzbekistan

Not valid numbers

women seeking men in Rockville

+21 Maghreb – this country code has been assigned in 1964, the four countries Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. As a result, a common numbering scheme should be allowed to plan, however, was never realized. From 1972, this Code was divided: Morocco has received +210 +212, Algeria +213 to +215, Tunisia, +216, +217, Libya, +218, and +219. Each country used, however, only one of the assigned Codes, so that the unused Codes were later given to the ITU back.
+259 Zanzibar – never used see +255 Tanzania
+295 out run – San Marino allocated – see +378
+37 in the former GDR – is now to be reached under +49 Germany, Number space to a number, and numbers otherwise
+38 former Yugoslavia – number space to a number used advanced, divided and other
+3883 used to reach formerly the European telephone numbering space
+4175 formerly of Liechtenstein within the Swiss number area – now at +423
+42 formerly Czechoslovakia – number space, a number, expanded and otherwise
+670 formerly Northern Mariana Islands – used now East Timor; Northern Mariana Islands +1 670 (North American numbering plan)
+671 formerly Guam – now +1 671 (North American numbering plan)
+672 formerly Portuguese Timor was only in +62 for Indonesia; now +670 – East Timor. +672 will still be valid for the Norfolk Islands and the Australian Antarctic stations.
+672 formerly Cocos Islands and Christmas island (Christmas Island) – now +61 (Australia)
+684 American-Samoa +1 684 (North American numbering plan) +871 to +874 – formerly Inmarsat (for the Eastern Atlantic ocean, The Pacific ocean, the Indian ocean and Western Atlantic ocean), replaced by +870
+696 formerly people’s democratic Republic of Yemen – now unified with +967 (Yemen)
+975 formerly Hadramout, 969 for the people’s democratic Republic of Yemen, went in +on
+978 formerly of Dubai, went to +971 the United Arab Emirates on
+979 formerly Abu Dhabi, went to +971 the United Arab Emirates on

We hope you were able to find the country code in our list. our pdf list of country codes, you can download convenient and print. so you don’t have to search the next time for a long time. have you discovered a wrong country code? then report it to us via [email protected] with the keyword “country code”.

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